Herding Cats – managing the people in your business

We arrive in clinical practice full of knowledge and enthusiasm but with little or no training in how to manage and lead the people who are connected with our business. Not just staff (although that is hard enough), but also referrers, patients, contractors and baristas.

This one hour webinar will not solve all the potential problems you might have in HR, but it will shed some new light and strategies to improve on your current challenges.

Craig Allingham has complemented his physio qualifications with a Masters in Business Administration. He only wishes he had done it years ago – there is so much we aren’t exposed to outside of clinical skills. For example, research shows that a new hire is already forming an idea of how long they will remain with you within the first 48 hours of being inducted. And it is no longer called an ‘induction’, the preferred term is ‘on-boarding’.

Join Craig on the evening of August 24, 2021 where he will share his insights on managing staff, referrers and patients in the light of your business strategy and culture. Don’t panic, there will be practical tips and procedures to add to your existing systems, not just management jargon.

The one hour webinar is only $97.00 (plus gst) and you can register by clicking here.