Career Pivots

Rarely is a career  path linear, rational and smooth. More often it is a series of shifts, skips, leaps, back-steps and triumphs. Mine was. And still is.

For health practitioners there are several critical shifts during a typical career that occur within the same discipline or line of work rather than stepping out on a new path. They are events where one foot is firmly kept in the same job-frame while the other foot is swung into a new area of application. A career pivot.

Career Pivots

I am interested in five distinct career pivots for health practitioners which occur in a typical career progression:

University into Private Practice
Being an excellent student may not easily transfer into being an excellent clinician, employee or work colleague. There are things to know, understand, apply and improve to ensure you are productive, effective and engaged.

Hospital or Public Health into Private Practice
Moving from a public health setting into a private health business is a challenging cultural and environmental transition. There are things to un-learn and more to learn about applying your clinical expertise in the new framework.

Equity in Private Practice
You may buy into a practice (whole or part) or start a private practice from scratch.  Either way you will need to understand finance, governance, work-place law, risk management, leadership, culture and many more areas not obvious to the expert clinician. 

Growing a Private Practice
Organic growth, mergers, acquisitions, service extensions, franchising, sub-leasing – the list of ways to grow is long, and understanding how to manage growth toward a strategic goal is critical.

Exiting a Private Practice
The final goal or simply another career transition that will be best served through maximising the price and attractiveness of your business. How to add value to attract a premium purchaser should be your pre-occupation. 

Obviously the missing link is University into Hospital or Public Health as a first career move. This pivot is not my area of expertise, despite it being the first move I made when graduating.

The Practitioner Business Academy will be rolling out a series of career development workshops and seminars focusing on these career Pivot Points. The learning outcomes are designed to enable success for the practitioner as he or she negotiates new work places, cultures, skill-sets and leadership models. Success for all – the practitioner, their clients and their employers or colleagues

The process will involve a combination of face-to-face seminars, online training and self-guided learning. The benefits will accrue to the participant and be transferable as their career continues to evolve, and also to the employer(s) current and future.

More information will be posted as the program develops, events are scheduled and interest grows.


Craig Allingham Exec.MBA, APAM
Director, Practitioner Business Academy